IEEE DOT NET PROJECTS 2013                           


Automatic Measurement And Reporting System Of Water Quality Based On GSM

Designing Of Concealed Alarm System Based On GSM

Bus Monitoring System Based On Zigbee And GPRS

Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer And GPS Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles

The Design And Implementation Of Remote Real Time Monitor System For Embedded Devices Based On GPRS

Aided Navigation Techniques For Indoor And Outdoor Unmanned

Positioning And Tracking System Study Of All Terrain Forest Fire Patrolling And Fighting Vehicle

Design Of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based On ARM And Zigbee

Realization Of Intelligence Monitoring System Based On Remote Sensor Technology

PIR Based Motion Detection Monitoring With Alert Using GSM / GPRS Technology

GPS Vehicle Theft Identification And Tracking And Control System

The Vehicle Collision Warning System Based On GPS.

A New Solutions For Staff Localization In Chemical Plant.

A Lateral Controller Design For An Unmanned Vehicle.

Anti Theft Control System Design Using Embedded System.

Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On RFID And Network .

A Model For Traffic Control In Urban Environments

The Flexible Bus System Using Zigbee As A Communication Medium

Positioning Matching Based Autonomous Speed Regulation System For Vehicle

Research On Communication Link Of Remote Wireless Monitoring System Based On GPRS And MCU

Dual-Microcontroller Based GPRS Data Transmission Control System Design

Research On Alarm System Of Railway Crossing Based On GPS And GPRS

Design Of Gas Information Collection And Control System Based On GPRS

A Beacon Color Code Scheduling For The Localization Of Multiple Robots

Trust Calculation In Wireless Sensor Networks.

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles, Guidance, Control And Signal Processing Platform.

Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Of A Four-Wheeled Vehicle [Applications Of Control] .

Database Of Medical Images For Development Of Teaching Materials For Classes Of Coloproctology.

Using Logical Sensors Network To The Accurate Monitoring Of The Learning Process In Distance Education Courses

A Theme To Unite The Resources Of Different Remote Laboratories.

Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On RFID And Network

The Concept Of Secure Mobile Wallet.

The System Of Wireless Smart House Based On GSM And Zigbee.

Home Automation Using GSM

Design Of A Hybrid RFID/GPS-Based Terminal System In Vehicular Communications

Car Monitoring, Alerting And Tracking Model: Enhancement With Mobility And Database Facilities.

GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services


Electronic Energy Meter With Instant Billing

Electronic Toll Collection System Based On Global Positioning System Technology

Remote Monitoring Intelligent System Based On Finger Print Door Lock

Car Monitoring, Alerting And Tracking Model: Enhancement With Mobility And Database Facilities

Identifying Objects Using RF Transmitter And Receivers, And Retrieving Data Using GSM

RFID And GSM Technology Building Intelligent Relief Supplies Distribution And Monitoring System

Smart Parking Reservation System Using Short Message Services(SMS)

Smart Orchard Soil Moisture Monitoring System Based On Wireless Communication Technology


Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) Using LED-LDR Assembly

Smart Host Microcontroller For Optimal Battery Charging In A Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle

Robot Navigation System With RFID And Sensors

Autonomous Navigation Robot For Landmine Detection Applications

Multiple Working Mode Control Of Door-Opening With A Mobile Modular And Reconfigurable Robot

An Autonomous Robot Based On A Wheelchair

Robot Navigation System With RFID And Sensors

A Realization Of Remote Control System Based On Cell Injection Robot.

Autonomous Robot Human Detecting And Tracking Based On Stereo Vision .

Application Of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot In Defense.

Automated Voice Based Home Navigation System For The Elderly And The Physically Challenged.

Design And Implementation Of Mobile Robot Remote Fire Alarm System.

Search And Rescue System Based On The Dispersed Main-Extension Robots.

Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Networks For Service Robot Intelligent Space

Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied In Coal Mine Detection Robot

Imirok : Real –Time Imitative Robotic Arm Control For Home Robotic Applications

Construction Of An Obstacle Map And Its Real-Time Implementation On An Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Automatic Docking System For Recharging Home  Surveillance  Robots.

Wireless Image Communication With System For Firefighting Robots.



Wireless Sensor Network

Zigbee based energy efficient outdoor lighting control system

A wireless surveillance and safety system for mine workers based on zigbee

Ship detection with wireless sensor networks

Intelligent wireless street lighting system

Cloud controlled intrusion detection and burglary prevention stratagems in home automation systems

Wireless sensor network based home monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly

Low cost weather station with remote control

In-building lighting management system with wireless communication

Design of emergency remote security monitoring and control system based on ARM

A Wi-Fi based wireless sensor network for monitoring an agricultural environment

Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles

A wireless smart sensor network based on multi-function interferometric radar sensors for structural health monitoring

Issues and challenges of wireless sensor networks localization in emerging applications

Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles

Multi sensor railway track geometry surveying  system

Embedded system integrated into a wireless sensor network for online dynamic torque and efficiency monitoring in induction motors


A model driven software framework for zigbee based energy saving systems

Effective navigation for visually impair by wearable obstacle avoidance system

Efficient group key management of zigbee network for home automation

An airport security systems for a hierarchical trespassing using advanced RFID techniques

Design of monitor-and-control system for supermarket fresh area based on zigbee.

A wireless sensor network platform for indoor surveillance system.

The research of carbon dioxide gas monitoring platform based on the wireless sensor networks.

The design of wireless monitoring system based on intelligent sensor.

Design of the Node System of Wireless Sensor Network and Its Application in Digital Agriculture.

Hybrid wireless communication systems using zigbee and wifi technology in the  coalmine tunnels.

RFID based physical fitness condition measurement system.

RFID and sensors enabled In-home elderly care.

Bluetooth based home automation system using cell phone

Novel Ultra Low Cost Remote Monitoring System for Home Automation Using Cell Phone

A RFID-enabled leisure system for computer-illiterate elderly.

An ECDLP-Based Randomized Key RFID Authentication Protocol.

A secure authentication protocol for RFID based on Trivium.

Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network.

Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology

More efficient home energy management system based on zigbee communication and infrared remote controls
Digital control for home lighting systems with zigbee communication

Elder care based on cognitive sensor network

An information collection system of network intelligence wheelchair based on Zigbee wireless sensor networks.

The design and implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system based on RFID and ZigBee.

Data security analysis of the mass producing process of smart cards.

SAMSON: secure access for medical smart cards over networks.

Zigbee –based vehicle access control system

Smart home energy management system using IEEE 802.15.4 and zigbee

Research on synchronous data acquisition and remote monitoring techniques in the valve test system

A real –time wireless brain-computer-interface system for drowsiness detection

CAN BUS network design based on Bluetooth technology