aPPLICATION PROJECTS JAVA                           

Applicaton Project in java:

Integrating and Designing the data mining techniqe system

    FACE RECOGNITION USING EIGEN FACES(A Classical Authentication Mechanism)

    Lossless compression and information hiding in images using steganography

    Multi massage communication and file sharing system in network

    web data retrieval using page rank algorithm

    using proxy server to reduce fle download time in networks

    online web data extraction using VIPS algorithm

    Caching scheme for Distributed Data Processing in peer to peer enviroments

    Dynamic Routing for reducing the compromised node attack

    Restoring Inter node connectivity using Rim algorithm

    Mitigating DOS attacks for multicast authentication using batch signature

    college management systems

    Location Based Spatial Query Processing In Wireless Broadcast Environments

    Design routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks

    Image recognition for Designing captchas

    ATM Final Report

    Electronic health record system or hospital management system

    content based image retrieval


    Personalised web search engine

    online library management

    Encryption and decryption using Blow Fish algorithm

    A Competitive Study of Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher

    A foundation for stochastic bandwidth estimation of networks with random service

    A new approach for FEC decoding based on the BP algorithm in LTE and WiMAX systems

    A unified approach to optimizing performance in networks serving heterogeneous flows

    AADHAR secure travel identity

    airport authority administration system

    on the information flow requiered for tracking control in networks of mobile sensing agents

    Analysis of quality of object oriented systems using object oriented metrics

    Analysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods

    Architecting a Secure Enterprise Data Sharing environment to the edge

    sensitive rule hiding

    ATM Database system

    Attendance tracking

    balance revocation  and storage trade-offs in secure group communication

    personalized websearch

    BRA: A Bidirectional Routing Abstraction for Asymmetric Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Background verification system

    caching scheme for distributed data processing in peer-to-peer Environments

    college management system

    customer relationship managent system

    Nymble Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks

    meshing streaming updates with persistent data in an active data warehouse

    denial of  service attacks in wireless networks : the case of jammers

    design and performance analysis of mobility management schemes based on pointer forwarding for wireless mesh networks

    design of p-cycles for full node protection in wdm mesh networks

    design routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks

    a new approach for authentication using water marking technique

    container independent secure data communication

    data security and authentication

    dynamic channel allocation for wireless zone-based multicast and broadcast service

    dynamic routing for reducing the compromised node attacks

    dynamics of malware spread in decentralized peer-to-peer networks

    electronic claim

    effective navigation of query results based on concept hierarchies

    effective key in management group

    embedded extended visual cryptography  schemes

    encryption and decryption using blow fish algorithm

    transport routing system

    firewall for operating system

    generic online payment banking configuration

    geographical routing with location service in inetrmittently connected mantes

    intelligent heart disease prediction system using data mining techniques

    host-to-host congestion control for tcp

    image denoising in mixed poission-guassion noise

    internal corporate management system

    interval ckmeans: an algorithm for clustering symbolic data

    intrusion detection : an energy efficient approach in heterogeneous wsn

    iris project

    load shedding in mobile systems with mobiqual

    lossless compression and information hiding in images using steganography

    multicast authentication based on batch signature

    minimizing additive distortion in steganography using syndrome-trellis codes

    mnc-training and placement system

    modeling and detection of camouflaging minimization

    multiple exposure fusion for high dynamic range image acquisition

    nymble:blocking misbehaving users in anonym zing networks

    privacy-preserving olap:an information-theoretic approach

    on demand check pointing for grid application reliability using communicating process model

    on wireless scheduling algorithms for minimizing  the queue-overflow probability

    optimal bandwidth assignment for multiple description coded video

    orkut- the social network

    targeted public distribution system

    ontology based business process customized for composite web services

    detecting phishing web pages with visual similarity based on earth mover’s distance

    property management system

    blood donors symbiosis

    a puzzle based defense strategy against flooding attacks using game theory

    resource inter node connectivity using rim algorithm

    robust video data hiding using forbidden zone data hiding and selective embedding

    secure communications over wireless broadcast networks:stability and utility maximization

    selective data stream blocking mechanism for networks

    simplify algorithm on network shortest path problem

    sketch4match-contect based image retrival system using sketches

    book shope



    CRM (Data Mining for Customer Relationship Management)